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At IT Technologies, our language translation service provides quality, accurate
translations. We offer cost effective solutions that result in translations being
delivered in market, on time and on budget, every time.

Each project is assigned a certified translation project manager to:

  • Open and maintain a constant line of communication.
  • Address translation terminology consistency and scheduling.
  • Establish an evaluation and tracking process specific to project requirements.

To assure localized source is suitable to translate into the target language
we evaluate:
  • Proper use of localized language.
  • Consistent use of format style, grammar and terminology.
  • Feasibility of leveraging and validating existing translations.

Quality and accuracy is assured through:
  • System of checks and balances with translators, editors, composition talent
    and proofreaders.
  • Multiple-step proofing process that validates each translation.
  • Proven translation and terminology management system.

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